Friday, January 21, 2011


In the cupcake world of celebrities there are some that just cannot keep their names out of the press. Events occur over behaviors deemed unsuitable, adding more luggage to their already long list of shenanigans. They may try to change their tunes but we all know the media loves to milk a good story even if it's a total fabrication. But I say for the sake of this article let's give the boy/girl/it a well deserved break.

I will try not to get vaklempt and end up in a crying game but we simply must reveal the once wholesome drag queen superstar who basically threw his career away after years of drug addiction, Boy George, has returned a religious artifact that he has owned for more than 26 years to its rightful owner. This artifact - a prized treasure of his personal collection - a Christ icon originally belonging to the Church of Cyprus was gracefully returned by Boy George upon his learning that it was actually stolen.

A British music magazine, New Music Express, claims he bought the icon in 1985 from a London art dealer, unaware of its origins. This artifact, along with thousands of other religious items, was stolen from the Church of Cyprus in the Cypriot village of New Choria-Kythrea, which in turn gave evidence to the Boy proving the icon's true ownership. The items were stolen from northern Cyprus following a 1974 Turkish invasion.

"I have always been a friend of Cyprus and have looked after the icon for 26 years," George told BBC News on Wednesday. "I look forward to seeing the icon on display in Cyprus for the moment and finally to the Church of Saint Charalambos from where it was illegally stolen."

Considering George O'Dowd's shady past it appears that this is one scandal that will be downplayed by holy intervention! No, George.....we don't really want to crucify you!

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