Sunday, January 16, 2011


As I get older, I'm starting to feel like the old folk who yells at the kids to get off of their grass.  Not sure why this is, but sometime the smallest incidents will set me off.  I recently went to the local Giant Food supermarket.  They have this system called Scan It that allows the shopper to take a personal scanner with them while they shop.  You scan the item's bar code (or weigh your own produce and print out a bar code for that item), place the item in a bag (preferably a reusable one), and then go to the specially marked register when you're done for a quick and easy check out, usually without waiting in a long line.

Giant used to let you go to the self-serve check out but they found that too many people would just walk out without paying so they put a stop to that little perk almost immediately.  Now they randomly audit the Scan It users, and I seem to get an audit every third visit - and usually on less than five items.  But I like using the Scan It because there are also extra value coupons included on select items, so you can actually save even more when you use the Scan It.

Unfortunately, some people just aren't ready for college when it comes to using this system.  On my most recent visit, a woman in front of me had a Scan It device, but none of her items were bagged.  She just had that look about her that she was above bagging her own items.  The cashier, resigned to the fact that no one can see the gigantic sign at the front of the conveyor stating this line is for Scan It customers only, asked the woman if she had scanned her items.  Her answer was no.  She thought HE was supposed to scan the items with her Scan It and then bag everything for her.  I'm surprised she didn't hear my eyes rolling around in my head.  Really, lady???  There are a dozen other check out lines for that!  Why on earth would you pick up a Scan It and think the cashier had to use it?!?!?  Poor guy did all of her work for her, then she looked at my cart and noticed all of my items were bagged and I had place my Scan It on the belt.  Meanwhile, another woman (wearing pajama pants and slippers!) came up behind me and proceeded to put her items on the belt even though she was standing right next to the "Scan It customers only" sign!  I even pointed it out to her and she STILL didn't see it, nor did the woman behind her.

And I wonder why I don't like leaving the house very much.

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