Monday, April 19, 2021

Debris S01E08: Spaceman


Finola finally finds what she's been looking for.

by Chuck Duncan

Guest Cast: Sebastian Roché

Now that's what we're talking about! Debris finally delivers on the promise of its on-going story arc, while keeping the actual debris artifacts to a minimum this week. The debris story will certainly pay off down the road but it did give us something to consider as a young woman finds herself with the ability to phase through objects -- and gruesomely, people -- and remain invisible as well. When Bryan and Finola unexpectedly encounter the woman, who escaped from a testing facility in which most of the subjects have apparently died, they find something completely shocking that no one had considered before -- the woman's powers came about because the debris was implanted under her skin. We've seen Ash and his men transport themselves after swallowing a pill, but giving people powers through an implant is a game changer.

But that is something we'll have to deal with later because the major point of this episode was Finola's father, and the question of who exactly Bryan and Finola can trust. Bryan is really beginning to question his allegiance to Maddox after being given the order to not let George Jones leave the facility alive ... and not to let Finola know they're going to kill him. This really puts Bryan in a pickle because he can't afford to lose Finola's trust. He's on thin ice with her as it is, so Maddox has really complicated his life.

On the way to the facility, Finola confides in Bryan that MI6 has an 'ambush' set up to take George from their convoy once they break him out ... which forces Bryan to admit to Finola that George isn't leaving the facility. Luckily, only one other person on his team knows of the plan, so the new plan is to make sure he believes George isn't in the facility. Bryan assures Finola that he will not let her father die. But things get more complicated when they come under fire in the facility ... but there is a silver lining as the one guy who knew of the mission is killed. Now it's easy for Bryan to lie to Maddox that the intel they had was bad and George was not in the facility.

But Finola is having a crisis as well because she knows Ferris used her sister to try to get her back to the UK, but the question is why? Ferris could have easily recalled her agent so why go through so many machinations involving Finola's sister, who managed to tell Finola what happened, to lure her back? Nothing is adding up at this point and Finola tells Bryan that they aren't going to show up at the MI6 rendezvous point either. It looks like Bryan and Finola are going rogue. Interestingly, the man awaiting them to pick up George is the same man who delivered the files to Finola, and told her that Ferris knows more than she's telling Finola. Even more intriguing is that this man seems to not be who he seems to be as he has a body on hand that looks like him, and from which he removes the face to rejuvenate the one he's currently wearing. Yikes!

But the question Finola wants to know is how her father is alive. He tells her that as far as he knows, he's been reanimated, and they went in through his eye ... which answers that particular question. Knowing that that they are tied up in a web of lies, Finola and Bryan take George to a hotel. Unfortunately, they damaged a part of his brain while re-animating him but he says he can remember the important things like how Maddox took his research away from him and that perhaps he should want Maddox dead ... but he doesn't. Knowing that Maddox wants him dead gives him something to think about, but says that everyone on Earth is going to die so it's rather irrelevant.

George tells Bryan and Finola that Influx is seeking a very dangerous and game changing piece of debris and if they get it, well, they can refer back to his statement about their deaths. He was being forced to build a device that could track the debris that emits waves that are difficult to comprehend. George fears that the Americans, Russians, Chinese or anyone could have already found the debris ... but without his device they wouldn't understand its power. But, he's done enough work to allow the government to finish his device, of that he's pretty sure. But what does the debris do? George doesn't remember.

Finola gets some alone time with George to confront him about leaving his kids alone. His work took precedence, but whatever happened in the past doesn't matter at this moment because what's going on now is an attempt to restore balance to a a world on fire, and the only ones capable of restoring this balance are the beings who created the debris. None of that matters to Finola because she's still that little girl who missed out on so much time with her father. But George says this is his chance to set things right with her and with what he's done. She's still not ready to forgive him yet. But he needs some files to build his device because he can't remember the math.

George gives Bryan a list of items he'll need to build the device, but George wants to hit the road because he doesn't feel safe. Bryan assures him that he will be safe as he'll be right outside, and Bryan sits himself in the car with eyes on George's room. George, however, slips out and goes to the office to ask for aluminum foil which he then makes into a blanket to sleep under. Finola calls Ferris and admits to her that she has George and wants to know why Maddox wants him dead. Ferris denies knowing why, and Finola lets her know that she knows of all of Ferris' lies and manipulations and how she knows Ferris would have separated her from George the minute they landed in London. She tells Ferris about the piece of debris they need to find and that she'll elaborate when she knows more but now she needs Ferris to obtain the files George needs because if she does it herself, it will set off all the red flags. Ferris says she'll see what she can do.

So, can Finola trust Ferris to play ball with her, or did she make a huge mistake in this little game she's now playing with her boss? How closely is Ferris actually working with Maddox to have known the story that George wasn't in the facility, only to learn that Finola has him? Will she spill the beans or will she play along with Finola? Hard to say at this point, but it's all made for what's probably the best episode of the season so far.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Trailer Roundup: Ellen's Next Great Designer, Pet Stars, From Cradle to Stage, Mythic Quest, Shrill, The Hills: New Beginnings, Move to Heaven, The Underground Railroad, Army of the Dead

April 17


Viola Davis, Denzel Washington, Spike Lee, Phylicia Rashad and more invite us into a conversation to explore Chadwick Boseman’s extraordinary commitment to his craft in an intimate look at the Oscar®-nominated actor’s artistry, and the acting process which informed his transformative performances.

April 22


Ellen DeGeneres is granting seven of the most talented up-and-coming furniture designers in the country the opportunity to push their creativity to the limit. Ellen, along with co-host Scott Foley and judges Brigette Romanek and Fernando Mastrangelo, will decide which designer will walk away with the $100,000 prize. Stream Ellen’s Next Great Designer April 22 on HBO Max.

If scammers have found one thing to be true, it's that money gives you power. Learn about 10 true stories involving identity theft, credit card fraud, and other techniques used in the world of scamming. Stream Generation Hustle on HBO Max, available April 22.

April 28


Sleeping isn't easy. We got you. Headspace Guide To Sleep offers a new facts and tips about sleep, backed by science. We'll answer questions like: is looking at your phone in bed really that bad? Do we really need 8 full hours of sleep? And can pills help. With mindfulness and meditation, this series will give you the tools you need to get a good night's sleep... and wake up ready to take on the day. Watch Headspace Guide To Sleep, only on Netflix.

April 30


Follow talent management agency Pets on Q as they work with the biggest animal influencers on social media in this reality series.

May 4


Executive producer and host Nev Schulman and co-host Kamie Crawford are back to track down online impersonators who have been taking advantage of people just looking for someone to cuff up with. MTV's Catfish: The TV Show returns with all-new episodes kicking off Tuesday, May 4 at 9pm ET/PT.

Now on the brink of stardom, Selena fights to remain true to herself, spend quality time with her family and her new husband, and expand her businesses. All the while, her journey to become the most successful female Latin artist of all time continues. Selena, The Series Part 2 arrives on May 4th, only on Netflix.

May 5


Crank Yankers returns for a new season Wednesday May 5 at 10:30/9:30c.

May 6


Just in time for Mother's Day, explore the special relationship between rock stars and their moms in From Cradle to Stage. This new unscripted television series from Director Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters was inspired by his mother, Virginia Hanlon Grohl, and based on her critically-acclaimed book, "From Cradle to Stage: Stories from the Mothers Who Rocked and Raised Rock Stars". Stream the new series May 6, exclusively on Paramount+.

May 7


Getting along with co-workers is a full time job at Mythic Quest. A new season is coming to Apple TV+ May 7.

Everything finally seems to be falling into place for Annie—she’s managed to dump her man-child boyfriend, catch the eye of a powerful new mentor, and snag some high-profile assignments—so why isn’t everything clicking? Sometimes life’s big challenge isn’t getting what you want, it’s knowing what you want. The final season of Shrill premieres May 7, only on Hulu.

May 10


An intriguing spinoff of the hit Danish crime series, Darkness – Those Who Kill, this captivating psychological crime drama sees leading criminal profiler Louise Bergstein delve into the dark desires and psychology of the potential suspects surrounding a murder case.

May 12


Sometimes moving forward means putting everything to the test. Can they start over again? The Hills: New Beginnings returns with Season 2 Wednesday, May 12th at 9/8c on MTV!

A secretly gay congressman marries the Mexican president's daughter, but is then found cavorting with a young man at a private party. And then scandal hits. Based on a true story, Dance of the 41 arrives on May 12th, only on Netflix.

Siesta Key returns Wednesday, May 12 at 8PM ET/PT.

May 13


This season of Growing Up Hip Hop is so lit you're gonna need a fire extinguisher! Growing Up Hip Hop premieres Thursday May 13 at 9/8c.

May 14


"We are trauma cleaners." Every death has a story to tell. We light your untold stories so they can live on. We'll now begin to help you with your final move. Move to Heaven, only on Netflix.

“Nothing was given, all was earned. Hold on to what belongs to you.” From Academy Award® winner Barry Jenkins and based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Colson Whitehead comes the Amazon Original limited series The Underground Railroad. Premiering May 14 on Prime Video.

A menacing mansion. A haunting melody. A demonic cat. More real people share scary stories from their past — and the truth is terrifying.

May 21


From filmmaker Zack Snyder, ARMY OF THE DEAD takes place following a zombie outbreak that has left Las Vegas in ruins and walled off from the rest of the world. When Scott Ward (Dave Bautista), a former zombie war hero who’s now flipping burgers on the outskirts of the town he now calls home, is approached by casino boss Bly Tanaka (Hiroyuki Sanada), it’s with the ultimate proposition: break into the zombie-infested quarantine zone to retrieve $200 million sitting in a vault beneath the strip before the city is nuked by the government in 32 hours. With little left to lose, Ward takes on the challenge, assembling a ragtag team of experts for the heist. With a ticking clock, a notoriously impenetrable vault, and a smarter, faster horde of Alpha zombies closing in, only one thing’s for certain in the greatest heist ever attempted: survivors take all. In Select Theaters May and on Netflix May 21.

May 23


Ten years after the Season 3 finale, Emmy-winning drama series In Treatment returns for its fourth season with Emmy winner Uzo Aduba as the observant, empathetic Dr. Brooke Taylor, the therapist at the center of the season. Streaming May 23 on HBO Max.

June 18


They’ll turn everything upside down. Elite, season 4, coming this June 18, only on Netflix.

June 24


We’ve kept you waiting long enough. The Naked Director Season 2 starts streaming June 24, only on Netflix!

Coming Soon


Godzilla Singular Point is an all-new animated TV series that marks the beginning of a new project for Godzilla, one of Japan’s most iconic characters. This anime series unfolds over 13 episodes to tell a new and original story unlike anything seen in the Godzilla franchise before. Coming to Netflix in June.

We Are Lady Parts is an anarchic and irreverent music comedy following a Muslim female punk band – called Lady Parts – who are on a mission to find a lead guitarist and maybe, just maybe, get a proper gig. We Are Lady Parts Streaming Soon on Peacock.

Borat Supplemental Reportings Retrieved From Floor of Stable Containing Editing Machine is coming soon. We’d tell you more, but that title has us low on available characters.

The world of Resident Evil that intertwines horror, action and suspense is presented with beautiful and realistic visuals in this brand-new entertainment epic on a unprecedented scale! Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness releases worldwide in July 2021, only on Netflix.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Debris S01E07: You Can Call Her Caroline


Mind control and shadowy government shenanigans mark this week's episode.

by Chuck Duncan

Guest Cast: Benjamin Hollingworth, Evelyn Burke

This week's episode of Debris left me with more questions than answers. The largest part of the episode was about some debris with another new power -- mind control. But there were very short moments with both Maddox and Ferris that leave us scratching our heads. And why on earth did Bryan tell Maddox that Finola knows her father is alive? He wants her to trust him, then he goes and blows up that trust after it took her a bit of time to finally trust him!

Maddox's torture of Ash was a bit gruesome and introduced some new technology that seemed more plot contrivance than anything remotely based in reality. I'm not even sure how it would work. They painted some goo on Ash's feet, connected him to jumper cables, and slid some metal contacts under his scalp -- ouch -- but presumably not into his brain. Right? So how could Ash's thoughts translate to video that revealed his secrets to Maddox? I know this is sci-fi but that was really out there.

And Ferris. What's her game now, trying to lure Finola back to England by using her sister's drug addiction? At least her sister was in the position to use a childhood code they shared -- how convenient -- to let her know that there was someone in the room and she couldn't really talk. Of course that just put Finola on red alert but she had more issues to deal with.

The 'Debris of the Week' in this episode gave the person closest to it the ability to control the minds of others. At first we saw a guy with a duffel bag, presumably with the debris inside. Everything around him freezes in time except for one woman who approaches him for the bag. He seems to be fighting himself but gives it to her and she walks away, leaving the man to blow his brains out. The woman is later found without the duffel and no memory of what happened.

Bryan and Finola pay a visit to the man's brother who tells them he was obsessed with conspiracy theories and had been offered $50,000 for the debris that was found in the marsh behind the house. He also asks Finola who to tell his niece that her father is dead. Bryan spots the blue duffel bag on a table in another room, but it's never explained how it got there. Was his brother actually trying to sell the debris or dispose of it? Did the woman walk it back to Luke? Who knows. Bryan and Finola leave but a short time later Finola realizes they didn't even bother to check the marsh. Why would they leave without checking the marsh? They do return but don't find anything.

The girl, Caroline, later goes out to the marsh and sits in the water, small pieces of the debris looking like large fish scales are somehow attracted to her. Finola and Bryan are also perplexed as to why the girl's mother, who has sole custody of her daughter after the divorce, left the girl with her uncle. Her odd response, echoed by her new husband, was that 'she belongs there'. None of this sits right with them.


Returning to the house, Caroline is able to tell Finola that her uncle hurt her father and he's making her get the pieces of debris out of the marsh for him. Inside the house, Uncle Luke is having a chat with Bryan about their time in the service, but Luke is obviously affected negatively about his duty, telling Bryan how the military just wants them to be machines and now he's going to make them pay for what they did to him. It's never clearly explained what they did to him, or if he has some form of PTSD, but after the conversation Bryan and Finola leave again as if there is nothing odd going on. Then Luke gets angry with Caroline because even though she's told him there is nothing left in the marsh, he knows she's hiding it somewhere. He finally finds all of the debris hidden inside of an old diving suit in a shed.

Bryan and Finola end up back at the military base to head back home and Finola suddenly wonders how they got there. Bryan is confused for a moment too, and they both watch as a plane flies overhead then dives to the ground. Luke shows up with his bag of debris, and when Finola pulls her gun on him, he makes her point it downward. When Bryan attempts to take a shot, Luke forces Bryan to turn the gun on himself, just as he did his brother, while making Finola turn around so she's not facing either of them. Bryan is fighting Luke as best as he can and just before he pulls the trigger Luke falls to the ground, a piece of the debris buried right between his eyes. Caroline saved the day.

With Luke dead, everyone influenced by his mind control is back to normal and Caroline is reunited with her mother, who assures her she did not just leave her there. Finola also tells her that what she did was brave and saved their lives and for that she will always be indebted to the girl. Meanwhile, Maddox calls Bryan and tells him they've got a lead on George Jones, and now Bryan and Finola are off to Washington state to see what they can find. But does anyone have any trust anymore?

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Trailer Roundup: Spy City, The Circle, Pose, Girls5eva, Jupiter's Legacy, Dynasty, Ziwe, The Woman in the Window, Woman in Motion, Loki, Black Widow, Space Jam: A New Legacy

April 14


When a grim incident occurs at their prestigious school, justice through law is put to a test by a tough law professor and his ambitious students.

April 15


Spy City follows Fielding Scott (Dominic Cooper), an English spy who is sent to Berlin in 1961 to sift out a traitor, one within the UK Embassy or amongst the Allies, shortly before the construction of the Berlin Wall. Watch SPY CITY exclusively on AMC+.

April 16


A teen ballerina discovers hip-hop by chance and is faced with an impossible choice: Does she follow her parents’ footsteps... or her newfound passion?

April 21


ALERT! The Circle is back for Season 2! This time it's bigger and better with more twists and turns in the all-new season! Get ready for a completely new cast of contestants who aren’t afraid to chat, flirt, befriend and betray each other to earn the ultimate cash prize as top influencer. But who is playing as their true self and who might be hiding behind a catfish profile? That's for you to guess and all will be revealed when The Circle launches on Wednesday, April 14. The Circle premieres Wednesday, April 14 with new episodes dropping Wednesday, April 21, Wednesday, April 28, and the Finale on Wednesday, May 5.

April 30


No one can escape the past and Mateo, Olivia, Lorena and Aguilar will face the decisions that broke their lives forever. The Innocent, a thriller based on the best-seller by Harlan Coben, premieres April 30.

May 2


As a family. Always. Watch the OFFICIAL TRAILER for the final season of Pose. Premieres May 2nd on FX. In the final season of Pose, time flashes forward to 1994. Blanca struggles to balance being a mother, a present partner to her new love and a nurse’s aide. Meanwhile, as AIDS becomes the leading cause of death for Americans ages 25 to 44, Pray Tell contends with unexpected health burdens. Pose features the largest cast of transgender actors in series regular roles.

Jon Taffer embarks on a cross-country tour of the worst drinking establishments in America. Bad drinks, wild staffs, and wasted owners conspire against him and his experts as they give failing businesses one last shot at success.

May 4


You heard her sing. Now you'll hear her voice. Part two of Selena: The Series comes to Netflix on May 4.

Hank, Trash Truck and animal pals Walter, Donny and Ms. Mona let their imaginations take them on heartwarming adventures in their backyard and beyond! Season 2 of Trash Truck is available on Netflix May 4!

May 6


When a one-hit-wonder girl group from the 90s gets sampled by a young rapper, its members reunite to give their pop star dreams one more shot. They may be grown women balancing spouses, kids, jobs, debt, aging parents, and shoulder pain, but can‘t they also be Girls5eva? Girls5eva streaming on Peacock May 6.

May 7


The first generation of superheroes have kept the world safe for nearly a century. Now their children must continue their legendary ideals. From the mind of Mark Millar, Jupiter’s Legacy is streaming only on Netflix May 7th, 2021.

Monster tells the story of Steve Harmon (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) a seventeen-year-old honor student whose world comes crashing down around him when he is charged with felony murder. The film follows his dramatic journey from a smart, likeable film student from Harlem attending an elite high school through a complex legal battle that could leave him spending the rest of his life in prison.

Dynasty premieres Friday, May 7. Stream next day free only on The CW!

He has promises to keep, and miles to go before he sleeps. A newly bereaved trucker, a legacy to be passed down, and a milestone that comes with its own consequences. Ghalib, a veteran driver, sets a 500,000 kms record on the road, but celebrations are cut short with the advent of pain, both physical and emotional. In the midst of fighting a compensation claim and finding a cure for his own back, the old man faces the threat of losing the job that has come to define him to a new intern. Will life get back on track, or is this the end of the road? Find out in Ivan Ayr’s Milestone, starring Suvinder Vicky, on 7th May, only on Netflix.

May 9


ZIWE is the riotously funny, new variety series from writer, comedian and internet sensation, Ziwe. A no-holds-barred mix of musical numbers, interviews and sketches that challenge America’s discomfort with race, politics, & other cultural issues. Watch the season premiere Sunday, May 9 at 11/10c on SHOWTIME.

May 14


Chicken Squad premiering on Disney Junior May 14th. Say hello to the Chicken Squad, the world’s greatest team of backyard helpers! This sibling trio (Coop, Sweetie, and Little Boo) is a team of eager community helpers and clever problem-solvers. With guidance from their mentor, a retired search-and-rescue dog named Captain Tully, they lead with kindness, learn from their mistakes, and take joy in helping their neighbors. Whether they’re finding lost food, rescuing a puppy from a creek, or having fun figuring out how their mom’s prized flowers got trampled, the Chicken Squad is always there to lend a wing.

Anna Fox (Amy Adams) feels safest when she’s watching the world from behind her window. Until the Russell family moves in across the street, and she witnesses something unimaginable. The question is...what really happened? Watch The Woman In The Window, only on Netflix.

While reeling from the loss of three lives she failed to save in a fire, smoke jumper Hannah comes across a traumatized 12-year-old boy with nowhere else to turn. Starring Academy Award-winner, Angelina Jolie, New Line Cinema presents Those Who Wish Me Dead, directed by Taylor Sheridan. Based on Michael Kortya’s novel and starring Nicholas Hoult, Finn Little, Aiden Gillen, Medina Senghore, Tyler Perry, Jake Weber, and Jon Bernthal. Those Who Wish Me Dead will be available in theaters and on HBO Max on May 14, in the US only, for 31 days from its theatrical release, at no extra cost to subscribers.

June 3


The inspiring true story of Nichelle Nichols' determination to break racial barriers and change the future of NASA's Space Shuttle Program. Stream Woman In Motion on June 3, exclusively on Paramount+.

June 11


Loki’s time has come. Watch the brand-new trailer for Loki, and start streaming the Marvel Studios Original Series June 11 on Disney+.

July 9


"We have unfinished business." See Marvel Studios’ Black Widow in theaters or on Disney+ with Premier Access on July 9. Additional fee required.

July 16


Tunes vs. Goons. Watch LeBron James and Bugs Bunny in the new trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy. In theaters and streaming on HBO Max – July 16.

August 12


Your favorite scrappy underdogs of the U.S.S. Cerritos return with exciting new adventures. The new season of Star Trek: Lower Decks premieres August 12, exclusively on Paramount+.

August 22


The final season begins August 22, 2021.

Coming Soon


Three young roommates, all on the autism spectrum, learn to cope with the world around them. Created by Dana Idisis and Yuval Shafferman, On the Spectrum stars Niv Majar, Naomi Levov, and Ben Yosipovich. Coming soon to HBO Max.

15 locations, 89 cast members, and 1,200 crew members later, The Witcher has officially wrapped production on Season 2! Here’s a look behind-the-scenes at some of the excitement among the cast and crew - led by showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. Watch The Witcher, only on Netflix.

The new season of Star Trek: Discovery coming late 2021, exclusively on Paramount+.

Coming 2022


The true final frontier is time. The new season of Star Trek: Picard is coming 2022, exclusively on Paramount+.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Debris S01E06: Supernova


Bryan and Finola realize something is up.

by Chuck Duncan

Guest Cast: Paloma Kwiatkowski, Dylan Colton, Cardi Wong, Siddhartha Minhas

There was a lot going on in this week's episode of Debris, so let's get right in to it.

The Debris

Bryan and Finola uncover a new debris phenomena -- reverse aging. A young couple was spotted leaving a cabin and inside were the desiccated bodies of three missing elderly people. Oddly, the bodies are surrounded by an electrostatic field with enough power to charge a cell phone. When another elderly man goes missing, the team must spring into action but they still don't know exactly what they're looking for.

The young couple are now accompanied by two other young men and they are doing something that involves the young woman Hula Hooping as her partner backs away from her. But at 237 feet, she tells him to stop and she drops the hoop. Her partner says they need more people but for what we don't yet know. He then spies an old man on a bench and chats him up, learning the man feels deserted by his kids, left there to die alone. The young man says he can help so the man, Subash, goes with him.

In the woods, the young man gives Subash a piece of the debris and he instantly becomes young again. But it's not long before Bryan, Finola and the team find them. They see the two other young men going to a car but a chase ensues with Bryan tackling one of the men, asking what he's done with Caspian and the other missing elderly people. The man says he is Caspian and Bryan has to let him go or he'll die. Finola chases the other man but he suddenly drops to the ground and ages rapidly, looking like one of the corpses back at the cabin.

It's clear now that the debris reverses the aging process but only if you are within a certain radius of the debris. What the young couple, identified as Kurt and Clara, have learned is that the more people they can change, the farther away from the debris they can be so they want to revert all the old people back to their younger selves. Bryan and Finola learn that Kurt took his wife of more than 50 years from a nursing home. She was in the end stages of dementia. He just wanted her back because he didn't feel it was fair that right at the time you are just figuring out how to enjoy life, you're in no condition to enjoy it.

A scientist with the team believes he can forward the aging process again at a slower pace to the proper ages of those affected by the debris, but he needs the debris. Bryan reaches out to Kurt, and Kurt tells him that they are going to turn themselves in, but when they get to the location all they find is the debris and a walkie talkie that Kurt has rigged to pass the signal to his own. Not wanting to face their true present, Kurt and Clara walk off into the forest to die together.

Bryan & Finola


On their plane, Bryan and Finola have a chat and she brings up her father, telling Bryan how he was in Greece the year before he died, and how he'd buy himself a birthday present he wanted and then give it to her to give to him, acting surprised when he opened it. But she never knew what the last gift was. After their chat, Finola called her boss Ferris who instructed Finola to feed Bryan more information about her father if he asked. Meanwhile, Bryan talks to his boss Maddox who wants to know if Finola's father was in Malta or Cyprus. Bryan reveals what Finola has told him so far, and Maddox wants more.

Later, Bryan gets a call from a team ... inside Finola's apartment going through her emails. They want more specific information from her about her father as well, on Maddox's orders. Bryan is not thrilled he's being used like this but later he tries to casually bring up Finola's father again which raises some red flags with her. She finally asks why Bryan wants to know why he's asking these questions and he finally admits to her that George is alive. She says she knows. And she knows that he and Maddox have known for some time, but why bring it up now? Bryan tells her about the security footage he saw of George at the airport with an Influx agent, and then he admits Maddox wanted him to get as much information from her as he could. But can he trust her with this information?

Before Bryan talked to Kurt about surrendering themselves, he was given something to inject into his arm. What was it? After failing to find Kurt and Clara, Finola tells Bryan she can trust him. It took her quite a while to finally reach that conclusion for herself. She also reveals to him that Ferris ordered her to feed Bryan the information about her father in Greece, and Bryan feels that Ferris is leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for Maddox to find something, but what? Finola says she can't trust Ferris, and Bryan can't trust Maddox because MI6 suspects he's been working against the coalition, most likely with the Chinese. This upsets Bryan and he says she's wrong because Maddox saved his life (from what we don't know but could it have something to do with that injection?). And then Bryan tells her that the CIA is surveilling her apartment.


Maddox has Anson Ash in a cell after his capture in New York, and now gets to interrogate him. Ash isn't all that cooperative but he tells Maddox that the debris is meant to free the world, not entrap it. Maddox doesn't seem thrilled that Ash and Influx just want to put all of this alien technology out into the world for anyone to use. Because what could go wrong? Maddox tries to get information about George Jones, asking if Ash used the debris to reanimate George's body. And do they have him, and is he being tortured? Ash refuses to answer.

Maddox learns that several calls have come in to Ash's cell phone, all from Maine. Now they just have to find out who is calling. Meanwhile, Maddox has another secret meeting with Tarkolov who tells him they will give him what he wants later that night. Maddox is taken to a hotel where he meets a Russian woman -- obviously someone he's done business with in the past -- and she shows him some pieces of debris. He tells her to turn it on, and he drops an Inception spinny top above the debris and it hovers, spinning in place. He's happy. The woman says she knows Maddox has stronger pieces of debris than these to access communication frequencies -- huh?! -- so why does he want these pieces? Because they work, he says. She says this whole transaction method is unusual for him, working with Tarkolov, and she hopes he knows what he's doing. Maddox tells her she worries too much.

So another good episode this week that deepens the mystery with Maddox, but finally gets Bryan and Finola on the same page. The debris phenomena storyline was fine but it really took a back seat to what seems to be a deep conspiracy within both the CIA and MI6. And while Ferris may at least be within the jurisdiction of MI6, Maddox definitely seems like a lone wolf at this point, his actions definitely not sanctioned by the CIA. So what is he up to? We'll have to stay tuned to find out.


Friday, April 2, 2021

Trailer Roundup: Wahl Street, The Swim, Younger, Ride or Die, The Year Earth Changed, Mare of Easttown, Big Trick Energy, Shadow & Bone, The Handmaid's Tale, The Bad Batch

April 7


Our shaadi goals just got bigger and better. ❤ A dash of crazy and an overdose of love, The Big Day is back with three more extravagant Indian weddings. Jump right back in this insider’s journey, and get a glimpse of what goes behind crafting every happily ever after. Catch the madness unfold in The Big Day: Collection 2, on 7th April, only on Netflix.

April 15


Building a business is tough. But when it's your purpose, you do everything you can to make it happen. Wahl Street follows Mark Walhberg on his journey as an entrepreneur, actor, producer, and family man. The docuseries is streaming April 15th, only on HBO Max.

The Swim, which follows long-distance swimmer Ben Lecomte as he embarks on a historic 5,000-mile swim across the Pacific Ocean to discover the effects of pollution on ocean health, will premiere April 15 on Discovery Plus.

Stream the first 4 episodes of the final season of the smash hit, Younger, early on Paramount+, starting April 15.

If you love me, destroy everything. A road movie about two women on the run with nowhere to go, depicting what it means to love someone, and to protect the one you love. Streaming worldwide on April 15, only on Netflix.

April 16


Narrated by David Attenborough, this timely documentary special takes a look at nature’s extraordinary response to a year of global lockdown. This love letter to planet Earth will take you from hearing birdsong in deserted cities for the first time in decades, to witnessing whales communicating in ways never before seen. Watch The Year Earth Changed, exclusively on Apple TV+ on April 16.

Watch 4 unique stories unfold through a series of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Ajeeb Daastaans is an anthology of four strangely contrasting stories which delve into fractured relationships and unexplored spaces. The stories set in varied milieus, explore jealousy, entitlement, prejudices and toxicity, which are often entangled within the heart of their relationships. Each story also takes you on a journey where one would struggle with the moral dilemma of what’s right and what’s wrong, as the lines between them get blurred.

April 18


Academy Award®-winner Kate Winslet plays Mare Sheehan, a small-town Pennsylvania detective who investigates a local murder as life crumbles around her. From creator and writer Brad Ingelsby, with all episodes directed by Craig Zobel, the seven-part limited series is an exploration into the dark side of a close community and an authentic examination of how family and past tragedies can define our present. Mare of Easttown, a new limited series starring Kate Winslet, premieres April 18 on HBO Max.

April 22


Viral YouTuber and magician Chris Ramsey will gather his closest magician friends - Eric Leclerc, Wes Barker and Alex Boyer – and challenge each other to endure some of the most outlandish situations they can conjure up, using magic as their only means of survival. Big Trick Energy takes what is seemingly impossible and makes it possible. No fake audience members, no clever camera tricks, no hokey set up. This is real magic, happening in real time, under the most pressing and difficult of circumstances.

Archibald’s crazy adventures around Crackridge continue in all new episodes! Get cracking on the latest season of Archibald’s Next Big Thing is Here, coming to Peacock on April 22nd!

April 23


There are no others like her. And there never will be. Get ready to enter the Grishaverse. Shadow & Bone premieres April 23, only on Netflix.

April 28


Freedom is just the beginning. The Emmy-winning series, The Handmaid’s Tale, returns for Season 4 on April 28, 2021, only on Hulu.

April 29


Once enslaved, now a samurai. This April, honor has a new name. Premieres April 29 only on Netflix.

April 30


If you stop striving for excellence, did you ever strive for excellence? A musician’s unadulterated devotion, a mirage-like quest for divinity, and the courage to fight your own mediocrity. The Disciple is the tale of an Indian classical vocalist, Sharad Nerulkar, searching for the traditional absolute in a contemporary city that never stops hustling. The film stars an exemplary cast, including Aditya Modak, Arun Dravid, Sumitra Bhave, Deepika Bhide Bhagwat, and Kiran Yadnyopavit, among others. Catch The Disciple strike all the right chords on 30th April, on Netflix.

A quirky, dysfunctional family's road trip is upended when they find themselves in the middle of the robot apocalypse and suddenly become humanity’s unlikeliest last hope! Watch The Mitchells vs. The Machines only on Netflix on April 30.

May 7


Check out the brand-new trailer for Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Bad Batch, an original animated series launching exclusively on Disney+. “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” makes its debut on Tuesday, May 4, with a special 70-minute premiere, followed by new episodes every Friday starting on May 7.

June 20


Now you can start asking us about season 6. Rick and Morty return for season 5 on Sunday, June 20 at 11pm ET/PT on Adult Swim.

July 23


They broke the wheel, but the chase continues. Sky Rojo, season 2, is coming on July 23.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Debris S01E05: Earthshine


Finola isn't sure who she can trust anymore.

by Chuck Duncan

Guest Cast: Sebastian Roché

After several episodes of Bryan and Finola jetting across the country to investigate new debris phenomena, we finally get a story that's a bit more focused on those bad guys who have been dealing in pieces of debris, revealing just a bit of what they are doing with their acquired pieces.

The episode opened with a spectacular bus crash as a transit bus from New Jersey made an unexpected detour to Boston through a debris-made wormhole. Except there is no debris in the area where the bus vanished. The passengers of the bus experienced a sound vacuum right before they crash landed, and people outside the bus heard a high pitched sound of unknown origin. What Bryan and Finola do have is video of a man watching the event from the steps of a post office so he is the prime suspect, but the question still lingers as to how the wormhole was created.

While they try to figure all that out, Bryan is trying to figure out Finola's attitude. He can definitely sense that she's being a bit stand-offish with him, but he thinks it's just because they disagreed on how to handle things in Nebraska (see the previous episode). She tells him that she's fine and moving past that, but the truth of the matter is she has lost all trust in him after her boss revealed that he knows her father is still alive. How can you work with a partner you know is keeping secrets from you? To be fair, she's keeping secrets from him to, that's the nature of the game when you work for spy agencies. She had to realize that he's under orders not to give her any information about her father because it could jeopardize their mission. But seems to be one to not let go of a grudge easily.

Things also look more suspicious when a video from a similar wormhole incident in China goes missing from the server. Neither Bryan nor Finola know why it was removed but it may be important to the case they are currently working. Bryan contacts Maddox -- and I'm not sure where his personal home drama is going within the context of the story -- who denies knowledge of why the video was removed but he promises to look in to it. Finola's boss also has no access or knowledge why it's missing but she does retrieve a copy and has a courier deliver it personally as it's said to be too sensitive to deliver over a network.

Finola meets a mysterious man in a van (guest Sebastian Roché who must certainly play a larger part in things moving forward because you don't hire him to drive a van and deliver one pivotal piece of dialogue) who hands over a flash drive and tells her that her own boss knows more than she's telling Finola, and that her father is not a clone. Great, so she can't trust Bryan or the CIA, and now she can't trust MI6? But she still has her sister, who calls out of the blue asking for the name of some Spanish song they used to dance to as children. Finola doesn't have time for that right now, girl.


What everyone does figure out is that to create a wormhole that a bus can fit through takes a lot of power, and the video from China doesn't seem to have any sensitive information but it does seem to confirm that to charge the debris it requires two large metallic objects of virtually identical mass. In the video it's two bulldozers. In New Jersey, the entry point of the wormhole was between two large metallic poles. Looking at the layout of New York City, finding the two points seems virtually impossible since it could be almost any two skyscrapers across the street from each other. But there is a specific structure built into some skyscrapers, a type of damper to allow the building to withstand high winds. And there just happens to be three buildings in just the right position, so they need to figure out which two buildings are being used with Finola, Bryan and Maddox taking a building.

Bryan finds nothing, but Finola does find the piece of debris so the other must be in Maddox's building. But it isn't, so Bryan goes back to check and finds what he's looking for. They also find the man from the video in New Jersey and chase him down, surrounding him but after warning them all that nothing will stop whatever is in motion, he blows his own brains out. Bryan then has to get a team to his building to deactivate the debris because a sudden high pitched sound has started squealing in the city, with no point of origin and stretching for at least six blocks. The area is massive and they are terrified that six blocks of Manhattan are about to vanish. But Bryan's team is fired upon by Anson Ash's team (he's the bearded guy we've seen buying and selling debris), but Bryan can't go after them as he is now the only person who can deactivate the debris before it opens the wormhole. Luckily the one scientist is alive and able to walk him through it.

Finola does follow Ash through the city for blocks and blocks. It's dark at this point and she's almost given up hope, but as she turns around he's right behind her. Trying to ask what happened to her father -- Ash says she has his eyes -- they experience the sound vacuum that the bus passengers experienced, as does Bryan who kind of needs to hear the frequencies of the devices he's using to turn off the debris. Ash is thrilled he is about to succeed, but Bryan manages to use the video scope to figure out the right moment to flip the switch and he succeeds, restoring the sounds of the city. Ash is stunned that he can hear Finola breathing and is even more stunned when he's tackled by one of her team members. Now he's in the custody of the CIA with Maddox promising Finola he'll give her more information as soon as he's able.

Not knowing where to turn at this point, Finola gets a message from her sister with a video of them as children, dancing to the song 'Porqué Te Vas?' (a real song by Jeanette from 1974). As she smiles at the memory, Ash is sitting in the transport van ... singing the same song.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Trailer Roundup: The Suicide Squad, Supergirl, Made For Love, Them, The Nevers, Our Towns, Big Shot, Frank of Ireland, Stowaway, Fall River

March 26


In the Spanish adaptation of Justin Willman's beloved Magic For Humans, Mago Pop makes his way through the streets of Spain, thrilling locals with his tricks. All the episodes of Magic for Humans Spain will be available on March 26th.

March 30


Supergirl premieres Tuesday, March 30th. Stream next day free only on The CW!

March 31


What is K-Pop? How did it rise to worldwide prominence? This new 7-part series tells you everything you need to know – from its history to its hitmakers, its fandoms, and more – told from the perspective of those who were there. K-Pop Evolution is the definitive accounting of a global phenomenon. With appearances from SuperM, H.O.T., BoA, SUPER JUNIOR, KARA, Ha:tfelt (Wonder Girls), Kang Daniel, Sandara Park (2NE1), Red Velvet, EXO, NCT, (G)I-DLE, and PENTAGON. Watch free weekly with ads or watch all episodes uninterrupted with YouTube Premium.

April 1


Made for Love is an adaptation based on the tragicomic novel of the same name by Alissa Nutting. The series follows Hazel Green, a thirtysomething woman on the run after 10 years in a suffocating marriage to an unstable, needy, possibly sociopathic tech billionaire. Soon she discovers that her husband has already implanted a revolutionary monitoring device – the Made for Love– in her brain, allowing him to track her, watch her, and know her thoughts and feelings as she tries to stay alive. Streaming April 1 on HBO Max.

April 6


Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out is back with all new episodes on VH1. Upcoming guests include Lost Boyz, Fatboy SSE, Trinidad James, The cast of "Black Ink Crew: Compton," Cuban Doll, Juvenile, Headkrack, Da Brat, Ambjaay, MC Lyte, Rapsody, FABO, 24kGolden, Big Tigger, OMB Peezy, Tyla Yaweh, Young Joc, Peter & Corey Gunz, Queen Najia and Donnell Rawlings.

Help Jack and his monster-battling friends make choices to stay alive — and have some fun — in this interactive Last Kids on Earth adventure! The Last Kids on Earth: Happy Apocalypse to You is available on Netflix 4/6!

April 9


Phoebe Robinson and her amazing friends are going to be doing the most, starting April 9 on Comedy Central.

THEM is a limited anthology series that explores terror in America. The first season, 1950s-set 'COVENANT' centers around a Black family who move from North Carolina to an all-white Los Angeles neighborhood during the period known as The Great Migration. The family’s idyllic home becomes ground zero where malevolent forces, next door and otherworldly, threaten to taunt, ravage and destroy them.

Rebellious, irreverent wunderkind Gülseren navigates loneliness, love and loss against the current of political turmoil and social change. Everybody will see the fireflies after April, 9th. Have you ever seen fireflies? Only on Netflix.

From Park Hoon-jung, the director of New World and The Witch: Part 1 A delicately twisted and elegant noir drama. Witness the other side of Paradise. Night in Paradise, April 9, only on Netflix.

April 11


Victorian London is rocked to its foundations by a supernatural event that gives certain people — mostly women — abnormal abilities, from the wondrous to the disturbing. But no matter their particular "turns," all who belong to this new underclass are in grave danger. It falls to mysterious, quick-fisted widow Amalia True (Laura Donnelly) and brilliant young inventor Penance Adair (Ann Skelly) to protect and shelter these gifted "orphans." To do so, they will have to face the brutal forces determined to annihilate their kind. A touch of power can change the world. Experience the new HBO original series, The Nevers, streaming April 11 on HBO Max.

April 13


The strong and fast Mighty Express trains are always ready to save the day with more heroic rescues and thrilling stunts throughout Tracksville! Season 3 of Mighty Express is available on Netflix April 13!

From Academy Award-nominated filmmakers Steven Ascher and Jeanne Jordan, Our Towns is a documentary that paints a remarkable picture of America and how the rise of civic and economic reinvention is transforming small cities and towns across the country. Based on journalists James and Deborah Fallows' book Our Towns: A 100,000-Mile Journey into the Heart of America, the film spotlights local initiatives and explores how a sense of community and common language of change can help people and towns find a different path to the future. Our Towns premieres April 13 on HBO

April 14


ALERT! The Circle and Too Hot To Handle are returning to Netflix in April and June with new seasons, new players, on an all new day -- Wednesdays! Starting April 14, The Circle returns, and June gets steamy with an all new season of Too Hot To Handle.

April 16


Together they’ll conquer the court. Big Shot​, an Original Series, is streaming April 16 on #DisneyPlus​.

Frank of Ireland is a physical and ridiculous brand of humor with an original twist. Brian Gleeson stars as Frank Marron, a 32-year-old catastrophe; a misanthropic fantasist in arrested development who’s convinced that the world owes him. He's also our hero. Frank is newly single and still lives at home with his mother, Mary (Pom Boyd). He’s a self-proclaimed musician with a tenuous hold on reality, and hasn’t written a song or played a gig in years. His ex-girlfriend Áine (Sarah Greene) has just found a new boyfriend, and Frank may be finding that a tad difficult. Luckily, Frank has a loyal best friend, Doofus, (Domhnall Gleeson) whose full-time job is clearing the debris left in Frank’s wake. Set in an idyllic suburb of Dublin, Frank of Ireland is the hilarious story of a man’s hapless search for respect, as he struggles to grow up and get his life together, and hopefully not burn everything to the ground in the process.

April 19


The new season will highlight the crew emerging from isolation and adapting to their new normal, as they work to elevate themselves, their community and strive to be better than ever before at their new flagship shop in Brooklyn. Black Ink Crew: New York returns Monday, April 19 8PM ET/PT.

April 20


America’s favorite treasure hunters continue the search for valuable repossessed storage lockers with an all new season of the hit-series Storage Wars premiering on Tuesday, April 20 at 9pm ET/PT.

April 22


Experience a world that has long been hidden from our eyes. Watch Life in Color with David Attenborough.

On a mission headed to Mars, an unintended stowaway accidentally causes severe damage to the spaceship’s life support systems. Facing dwindling resources and a potentially fatal outcome, the crew is forced to make an impossible decision. Directed by Joe Penna and starring Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim, Shamier Anderson and Toni Collette. Coming to Netflix April 22nd.

Giant Stars. Giant Undertaking. Giant Rescue. Smithsonian Channel and Paramount+ follow the one and only Cher as she races to Pakistan to help save the "world's loneliest elephant," Kaavan. Stream it early on Earth Day, April 22, only on Paramount+.

April 23


Oh, you thought a pandemic was gonna stop us? The Emmy-nominated sketch comedy series returns for its second season on Friday, April 23. The six-episode season will air on #HBO​ and be available to stream on HBO Max.

April 26


Evert Bäckström is a rock star among cops. Starring as a TV expert doesn't help his ego or reputation. He thinks he's a genius-and he is, at solving crimes. When a woman's skull is found, it seems she was murdered recently, but DNA points to her death in the 2004 tsunami. Prosecutor Hanna Hwass believes it's a mistake, but Bäckström sees a case only he can solve: a woman who has died twice.

Whoopi Goldberg announces ABC’s Sesame Street: 50 Years of Sunny Days — a two-hour documentary special highlighting the 50-year impact of this iconic show and the nonprofit behind it! Watch Monday, April 26 at 8/7C on ABC!

April 28


Budding software developer Natalia knows a lot about programming, and very little about sex. With her friends Monika and Paulina, she embarks on a quest to better understand the mysteries of the female orgasm, build an app that will win an inter-university competition and maybe, just maybe, serve the needs of her peers.

April 30


THE MITCHELLS VS. THE MACHINES, a new animated family comedy from the humans who brought you Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse and The LEGO Movie, speeds onto Netflix on April 30 with Abbi Jacobson, Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph, Mike Rianda, Eric Andre, Olivia Colman, Fred Armisen, Beck Bennett, Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, Charlyne Yi, Blake Griffin, Conan O'Brien, Doug the Pug, Sasheer Zamata, Elle Mills, Alex Hirsch, and Jay Pharoah.

May 1


In the future, Tenet is already streaming on HBO via HBO Max. For now, it’s streaming May 1 🤔⏳

May 16


In 1979 - almost 90 years after infamous, accused murderer Lizzie Borden's notorious acquittal - Fall River, Massachusetts would become home to another terrifying series of crimes. Series premieres May 16 at 10PM on EPIX

June 18


Official Trailer of Season 2 of La Leyendade De Sergio Ramos. The series returns Friday, June 18 on Amazon Prime Video.

August 6


From writer/director James Gunn comes Warner Bros. Pictures’ superhero action adventure The Suicide Squad, featuring a collection of the most degenerate delinquents in the DC lineup. The Super-Villains have a chance to get out of jail but only by joining the super-secret, super-shady Task Force X. With a team made up of Bloodsport, Peacemaker, Captain Boomerang, Ratcatcher 2, Savant, King Shark, Blackguard, Javelin and everyone’s favorite psycho, Harley Quinn, how will this collection of cons work together? Available on HBO Max in the US only at no extra cost to subscribers, for 31 days from its theatrical release.