Friday, July 12, 2019

Agents of SHIELD S06E08: Collision Course (Part I)

SHIELD is on a Collision Course!

by Brandon Coulson

So our storylines merged, quite suddenly, into one this week. As 'Collision Course (Part I)' wasted no time in getting everyone back into the same orbit, literally as we start with FitzSimmons, Izel, and crew arguing over the safety of making a jump back to Earth with wonky equipment. Though they barely have time to argue how bad the odds are before the jump is made and goes off without a hitch, like with zero bad side effects.

The space side of things got the short end of the stick in general this week, as they spend the episode slowly floating towards Earth and complaining that communications are not working which, let's be frank, is just lazy writing so their arrival is a surprise. It would have been easy to show Izel sabotage the comms or something, anything to make it seem reasonable. Instead it’s just bad equipment and Fitz can’t fix it.

Throughout the episode we get little visits back to the ship peppered in to show us Izel is actually the monster Sarge has been hunting. Which confuses me a great deal as to how everything ties together this year. Like was he just from another planet entirely, not another Earth? Also we seem to find out she destroyed the Chronicoms' world so I assume they will be involved soon too but apparently she’s been searching the universe for the monoliths for awhile and only now decided to check Earth. Umm, later on we get told she shows up in ancient Incan legends so she lived on this planet for a while yet never thought about checking it until now … I just found there to be one too many coincidences and the logic seemed thin at best.

Luckily on other areas we saw much more reason than before as Mack had some damn sense this week and while he let Sarge lead the way going forward, he only gave him one of his crew, Snow, and kept the other two as insurance that Sarge would come back. Also choosing to follow behind was wise as we found out Sarge is a big fat liar.

Sarge’s scenes with May and Daisy worked pretty well. Watching Daisy play coy and not let on about her powers was smart and Sarge wisely sensed something was up and tested her, well actually baited her into outing herself. There were still many more questions raised about Sarge’s origins. Izel ominously says she knows his secrets while Sarge shows he’s never heard of DNA before, very odd details like this and his animosity when anyone questions his past give a very Tahiti type feel to things. On top of this, Izel paints Sarge as the monster and herself as an innocent, which of course we know is not true. The real question is whether Sarge is misguided or truly evil.

As part one of two, this episode was mainly setting up the pieces for next week to pay things off. Sarge’s cool teleportation through Jaco’s coat was a highlight and got his team minus Snow together and on the loose, though having them escape only for Yoyo to immediately recapture them, to getting broken out again was a bit much, but it was still fun. Meanwhile Deke finds a bomb in Sarge’s rig set to ram a Shrike tower and explode, taking out two hundred square miles or so. Oh and this comes after we find Snow and Deke’s gross hook up so I guess between that and Sarge leaving her she will be on SHIELD’s side now. You take that along with Izel speeding towards them and possibly the Chronicoms coming too and you would think next week was the finale.

While there are four more episodes to come, I do think next week should shed a lot of light on just who or what everyone is and give us a clear path for the last string of episodes. While not the highs of earlier this season, overall it was still a fun time to be had.

What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments section below!

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