Saturday, January 9, 2021

Trailer Roundup: Locked Down, Hello Ninja, Blown Away, The Sister, Losing Alice, Penguin Bloom, Finding 'Ohana, Malcolm & Marie, Men in Kilts, Superman & Lois, Coming 2 America, Solar Opposites

January 13


The boys are back and...better than ever? Watch James Lafferty and Stephen Colletti in Everyone Is Doing Great on January 13, only on Hulu.

January 14


Watch the official trailer for Search Party Season 4, premiering on HBO Max on January 14, 2021. In the new season, Dory (Alia Shawkat) is held prisoner by her psychotic stalker Chip (Cole Escola), who is determined to make Dory believe that they are best friends. Meanwhile, Portia (Meredith Hagner) is starring in a film about the trial, although not as herself; Elliott (John Early) has switched party lines to become a far-right conservative talk show host; and Drew (John Reynolds) is trying to escape his dark past by working as a costumed cast member in a theme park. As the friends begin to connect the dots that Dory might not be touring Europe as her faked social media posts suggest, they must decide whether or not to put their traumatic pasts behind them and once again become a search party – but this time, for Dory.

BET+ true crime hit series American Gangster: Trap Queens returns for its second season on Thursday, January 14. Narrated by female hip hop icon Kimberly Jones a.k.a. Lil' Kim, season two presents new and fascinating true stories of fierce and savvy women who hustled hard and solidified their place in the game, however illicit their means may have been.

Just as they decide to separate, Linda (Anne Hathaway) and Paxton (Chiwetel Ejiofor) find life has other plans when they are stuck at home in a mandatory lockdown. Co-habitation is proving to be a challenge, but fueled by poetry and copious amounts of wine, it will bring them closer together in the most surprising way.

The Event, a four-episode culinary series premiering January 14 on HBO Max, takes viewers into the kitchen of Wolfgang Puck’s elite catering company as his team tackles some of the industry’s biggest, most exclusive events.

January 19


Wesley and Georgie are on a mission to save Pretzel from the Golden Leaf Pagoda. Get on your ninja feet and get ready for an all new season of Hello Ninja! Season 4 of Hello Ninja is available on Netflix January 19.

January 22


The hot shop is open! A new batch of glass-blowing artists from around the world battle the heat, the clock and each other in 10 dynamic challenges.

How far would you go to keep a secret? Stream all episodes of The Sister January 22.

An intimate and powerful exploration of what it means to be and be seen, the film chronicles Derek DelGaudio's attempt to answer one deceptively simple question, "Who am I?" Derek DelGaudio's In & Of Itself premieres Friday, January 22, only on Hulu.

Not all fantasies are fiction. Watch the internationally acclaimed series Losing Alice, exclusively on Apple TV+ January 22.

January 27


Based on the incredible true story, Penguin Bloom follows Sam Bloom (Academy Award® nominated Naomi Watts), a young mother whose world is turned upside down after a near-fatal accident leaves her unable to walk. As she learns to adapt to her new life, she finds hope in an unlikely hero, a small bird named Penguin. On Netflix January 27, 2021.

January 29


A summer in rural O‘ahu takes an exciting turn for two Brooklyn-raised siblings when a journal pointing to long-lost treasure sets them on an epic adventure with new friends, and leads them to reconnect with their Hawaiian heritage. Home Is Where ‘Ohana Is. Watch FINDING ‘OHANA, on Netflix January 29.

February 5


When filmmaker Malcolm (John David Washington) and his girlfriend Marie (Zendaya), return home from a movie premiere and await his film’s critical response, the evening takes a turn as revelations about their relationship surface, testing the couple’s love.

February 6


Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina: Didn't We Almost Have It All a new Lifetime Two-Hour Documentary premieres Saturday, February 6 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

February 12


The Midnight Society returns with a new set of storytellers, and a terrifying new tale about a cursed seaside town that's being haunted by a mysterious figure named the Shadowman. Are You Afraid of the Dark? Curse of the Shadows premieres Friday, February 12th at 8/7c on Nickelodeon!

February 14


Get ready for the greatest road trip ever attempted without pants. Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham premieres this Valentine’s Day on STARZ.

February 23


Superman & Lois premieres Tuesday, February 23. Stream next day free only on The CW!

March 5


Set in the lush and royal country of Zamunda, newly-crowned King Akeem (Eddie Murphy) and his trusted confidante Semmi(Arsenio Hall) embark on an all-new hilarious adventure that has them traversing the globe from their great African nation to the borough of Queens, New York – where it all began. Available March 5th on Prime Video.

March 26


It's time to leave this s---hole planet, so long Earth suckers!. A new season of Solar Opposites lands on March 26th, only on Hulu.

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