Monday, May 3, 2021

Debris S01E10: I Am Icarus


Can Bryan and Finola restore the universe before it"s too late?

Guest Cast: Keenan Tracey, Jessica McLeod

That crazy-eyed beyotch shot Bryan! No offense to the actress, who I'm sure is a lovely person, but she's got crazy eyes and all I can think when I see her is Cecily Strong playing a crazy-eyed character on SNL. Sorry. Luckily, Shelby was able to get Bryan to the debris to make another jump ... except this time Kathleen is at the house when Bryan returns and Shelby is missing. Not only that, but rifts are opening up with views into the various multi-verses which are threatening the complete collapse of the universe as a whole. Seeing all this, Bryan's partner's eyes get even wider but she's not sure Bryan knows what he's talking about, especially after he tells her that George Jones is the only person who can fix all this. George is dead, killed two days earlier at the Influx raid. Sensing that this is a bad thing, Kathleen -- who said she hasn't jumped since Shelby disappeared -- takes off and resets things again. And this time i'ts Finola who knocks on her door with a new partner. When Kathleen tries to explain that Finola's father was the only person who could have fixed things, Finola says her father is very much alive.

George is working for Obital at Langley, but this version of him has no recollection of all the previous calls for assistance he's received, and as before he tells Finola that making another jump will most likely make things worse, not better, causing irreversible damage. He asserts that Kathleen has to accept that her brother is gone (not sure how that's going to repair the ripped fabric of the universe, George). Finola told her father about an agent in another universe named Bryan Beneventi, and George then brings that name up with Maddox. Nope, not an agent, but Maddox knows of him. Bryan is a war criminal in this universe. Is that so?

Back at the house, Kathleen and Finola see Shelby and Bryan through one of the rifts. Shelby writes a note saying they can see them as well. Bryan writes something but the rift closes before it can be read. Finola tells Kathleen that she knows she lied about what George had said about continuing to make jumps, and Kathleen takes the blame for causing all of this in the first place, forcing Shelby to keep making jumps until he disappeared. But screw it all, she runs off and resets things once again.

When she returns, she can see Shelby and Bryan again and she writes "I love you" and the two try to touch hands. Finola shows up again ... and now she's with Agent Crazy Eyes! There is a large rift on top of the house now, so she calls it in to get a team there right away. Inside, Kathleen tells Finola that Bryan and Shelby want to communicate with her. Bryan writes:

"Another version of you was on the verge of an answer. We got separated before she could tell me. Something about a bilateral deviation. No clue what that means. No more time."

This Finola has no clue what he's referring to, so Bryan writes, "Ask George." Finola writes back, "DEAD". Bryan responds:

"You believe debris came here for a reason. You believe in the world. Help save it."

And then they disappear.


With the crew on site to remove the debris, Kathleen tells Finola they have to jump again to get more time, and Finola has to come with her so she'll remember the next time. They manage to make the jump, Finola returns with one of Bryan's other partners and he tells Finola to call her father because he'll know what to do. Finola shocks her partner when she tells him George is dead ... because he'd just talked to George the day before. Now Finola is shocked that George is alive. But now there is concern because Shelby and Bryan haven't reappeared, so Finola calls George to explain everything, particularly Bryan's message of the bilateral deviation. George insists that the debris must be removed, but something clicks in Finola and she thinks she may now understand that cryptic message -- to restore the universe, they must all jump at the same time. When Bryan and Shelby finally reappear, Finola writes that they need to synchronize their watches and all jump together at the same time in their respective universes. And they have to move quickly because the extraction team is there.

They all jump and ... Bryan and Finola are back in the SUV on their way to Washington, back at the same overlook. They see the house but they don't know Shelby, or Kathleen, but they know the agents. They've got a lot of explaining to do. But this timeline reset still didn't put everything back the way it was. Back at Langley, Maddox gets a phone call about a lunch appointment he didn't make. This time he doesn't go to the restaurant to confront his wife. Instead, when he gets home she and Dario are gone, a packet of divorce papers awaiting him.

And lest we forget about Anson Ash, he's still being held at the facility. A guard comes to collect his dinner tray, but as he stupidly reaches through the slot in the door Ash grabs his arms and won't let go. He finally does and the guard says he's on report. As the guard leaves, punching in the security code to open the door, Ash recites the same numbers being pushed while in his cell. So now Ash has the ability to read someone's thoughts?! This can't be good.

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