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Dancing With the Stars S30E04: Disney Heroes Night


Dancing with the Stars' Disney Week offers two nights of magic
by Kim Krober

Dancing with the Stars decided to make Disney Week a special two-night event this season, with one night paying homage to heroes and one night celebrating villains. Each remaining couple had to prepare two new dance routines, something not usually done until later in the competition. As if the pressure of learning two dance styles wasn't enough, each couple was also asked to incorporate bonus steps from Mickey's Dance Challenge into their routine, with the judges awarding two extra points to the couple best meeting the challenge. Which couples were ready to go the distance and which could have used a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine of so much pressure go down?

Let's see how your favorites fared on this fourth week of competition on Disney Heroes Night:

JoJo Siwa & Jenna Johnson, Viennese Waltz

JoJo and Jenna's Viennese Waltz to Cinderella's "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" was a dreamy way to open the show. Len felt it met the "bare necessities" of a Viennese Waltz but ended by complimenting the footwork. Derek thought they incorporated the Mickey steps seamlessly, calling it a breath of fresh air. Bruno told them they were a dream come true with a Viennese Waltz for the 21st century. Carrie Ann was proud to see JoJo prove that girls can do anything boys can do ... and better! JoJo and Jenna earned the first 9's of the season.
Total: 35

Melanie C & Gleb Savchenko, Jazz

Melanie C and Gleb's Jazz routine to Mary Poppins' "Step In Time" was everything I could have hoped for and more. The set, the costumes, and the routine itself was practically perfect in every way. Derek told them it was a job that would have made Dick Van Dyke proud (rubbing it in good-naturedly that he danced a routine with Dick to the same song a few years ago). Bruno admired their tempo but had to point out that they lost their sync a little bit in the Mickey Dance Challenge at the beginning. Carrie Ann said it was jam-packed with content, while Len called it full of fun and joy.
Total: 31

Matt James & Lindsay Arnold, Quickstep

Matt and Lindsay's Quickstep to "The Incredits" from The Incredibles was adorkable, although it felt like the song's tempo didn't quite lend itself to this style of dance. Bruno said Matt defrosted nicely with his kinky boots, but his footwork could still use improvement. Carrie Ann cautioned him about working on his technique. Derek praised the total commitment to character, while Len admired Matt's tenacity and work ethic, saying the Quickstep isn't easy. It was an enjoyable effort overall.
Total: 26

Jimmie Allen & Emma Slater, Paso Doble

Jimmie and Emma's Paso Doble to Mulan's "I'll Make a Man Out of You" was dedicated to his father who passed in 2019. Carrie Ann loved it, saying it had dignity, passion, and heart. Len liked the Paso Doble feeling to the dance, admitting his favorite part was their incorporation of the Mickey Dance Challenge because it was full of attack. Derek was impressed by his texture and movement, while Bruno called him the singing wonder. It was really cute to watch him mouth the words to the song.
Total: 30 (+2 bonus points in Mickey Dance Challenge = 32)

Amanda Kloots & Alan Bersten, Rumba

"You'll Be in My Heart" from Tarzan is a personal favorite, so I was excited to see Amanda and Alan's Rumba to it this week. I'm not sure if I've ever seen Alan without his shirt on - good lord, where have those abs been hiding! Len thought it was brilliant but didn't care for the way they worked in their Mickey Dance Challenge moves. Derek said it was well-done with beautiful articulation, disagreeing completely with Len's take. Bruno loved the eye candy, calling their Rumba effortless and natural. Carrie Ann liked that Amanda embraced the Rumba full on and didn't hide from anything, but she agreed with Len about them not doing the challenge enough justice.
Total: 32

Olivia Jade & Val Chmerkovskiy, Samba

Olivia and Val danced the Samba to "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" from The Lion King. Derek told her how adorable she looked in the cat makeup and said she's one of his favorites to watch this season. Bruno likened her spirit to a wild cat with the grace of a gazelle. Carrie Ann loved almost everything, especially the music change and the chemistry of their partnership. Len said it had lots of zip without any doo-dah. He's been saving that colorful commentary up all these years, hasn't he?
Total: 35

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin & Witney Carson, Quickstep

Just when I think I couldn't love The Miz any more he comes out in full (almost unrecognizable) Genie garb for his and Witney's Quickstep to Aladdin's "Friend Like Me." I loved seeing him play such a likable hero. Bruno proclaimed him the Genie of the Ballroom with a dazzling interpretation of the Mickey Dance Challenge. Carrie Ann loved the performance, saying he's honing his energy to match each dance style and she appreciates it. Len felt he danced it with fantastic control and commended him for being so light on his feet despite his bulking muscles. Derek loved the full-on attack and commitment, but he thought it could have benefited from more body contact.
Total: 31

Kenya Moore & Brandon Armstrong, Contemporary

Kenya and Brandon's Contemporary dance to "How Far I'll Go" from Moana was exactly what she needed at this stage of the competition (after being in the bottom two last week). It was beautiful from start to finish. Carrie Ann liked the freedom of expression and open-hearted joy but was upset about a few missteps involving the lifts. Len complimented the performance and choreography. Derek thought it felt timid at first, but then he got chills from the rest of the dance. Bruno said he felt it all, the motion of the water and the beautiful waves until Brandon hit the rock (messing up the lift).
Total: 29

Brian Austin Green & Sharna Burgess, Waltz

Brian and Sharna's Waltz set to Snow White's "Someday My Prince Will Come" was the cutest thing ever. I also thought they did a good job of incorporating the Mickey moves into a dance style that was basically the complete opposite. Len thought it had "too much kissing and cuddling and messing about" and not enough traditional Waltz content. Derek said it was as pretty as a picture with beautiful frame. Bruno felt she had her prince under control but said it had so much sweetness that it almost gave him a toothache. Carrie Ann said she had to count off for an illegal lift (to boos from the audience). Three 6's and a 7 ... why aren't the judges feeling the love from this couple?
Total: 25

Suni Lee & Sasha Farber, Salsa

Suni and Sasha's Salsa to "Colombia, Mi Encanto" from Encanto was full of flair and vibrancy even if I wasn't familiar with the song or story (it's not out yet). Derek dug seeing her open up, saying it was fun. Bruno called it a fiesta of a Salsa, saying he loved seeing all the delicious flavor. Carrie Ann admired how Suni's movement always looks so perfect. Len believed it was her most expressive dance to date. I'd concur.
Total: 33

Melora Hardin & Artem Chigvintsev, Quickstep

Melora and Artem's Quickstep to "I Wan'na Be Like You" from The Jungle Book was amazing to watch, but I think their costumes were a little harder to associate with their characters than everybody else. They looked like stylish flappers (not that it was a bad look). Bruno called her the Queen of the Jungle who is quickly becoming the Queen of the Ballroom with the best Quickstep of the season. Carrie Ann loved the textures, styles, and the unexpected she brings to every dance. Len thought it was her best dance with fantastic personality and technique. Derek called it the best dance of the night. Best of the night or season, she's hands down one to watch in the competition!
Total: 36

Cody Rigsby & Cheryl Burke, Jive

Cody and Cheryl's Jive to "Stand Out" from A Goofy Movie made my heart happy with all the feels. This movie never gets its due on Disney Night. Cody did Powerline proud! It was also good to see them both back in the ballroom. Carrie Ann welcomed them back, saying she loved watching Cody light up the room with his energy. Len thought it was too much side-by-side action with just hints of Jive, saying he was a bit disappointed. Derek told him he's a great performer, while Bruno said his power surge nearly blew his fuses. The judges think they need to gel back together after being apart.
Total: 27

Iman Shumpert & Daniella Karagach, Foxtrot

Iman and Daniella's Foxtrot to "Let It Go" from Frozen was a powerful punch to end the show. Len complimented him for delivering a really elegant Foxtrot with romance and movement. Derek admired seeing his improvement. Bruno got the feeling of his bigness, saying he commanded the room like an eagle in flight. Carrie Ann thought it was amazing, calling him a standout of the night.
Total: 30

The judges awarded the two bonus points to Jimmie and Emma for the Mickey Dance Challenge, which helped them move up the leader board. Tomorrow is Villains Night and the third elimination of the season, which is sure to be heartbreaking on such a magical week. Whose happily ever after will be coming to an end?

Do you think the right contestant went home? Keep voting for your favorites!

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