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Box Office Report :: October 9•11

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Well, after six weeks we finally have a new Number 1 film, the family-friendly The War With Grandpa, which had been stuck in distribution purgatory for two years after the fall of The Weinstein Company. Former TWC exec David Glasser formed 101 Studios and rescued the film, though releasing it in the middle of a global pandemic might not have been the best idea even if it did top the charts (less so with critics who have given it an average score of 28% on Rotten Tomatoes). But the film did debut with $3.62 million on 2,250 screens, which works out to an average of $1,609 per screen, one of only two films on the charts this weekend to crack the $1,000 average. The film also banked a few bucks from international markets, earning $1.83 million, giving it a cumulative global tally of $5.45 million. Unfortunately, the film cost $24 million to make so it has a long way to go to make back its money.

The War With Grandpa pushed Tenet down into the Number 2 spot with an estimated $2.1 million, down 22% from the previous week, bringing its domestic total to an estimated $48.3 million. The film's international total has now hit $275.2 million, for a global total of $323.5 million. Shedding 457 screens, the Hocus Pocus re-release moved down to Number 3 with an estimated $1.16 million, a decline of 40%, bringing its two week domestic total to $3.08 million. Another Disney release, Coco reentered the chart this week at Number 6 with $210,000. The film has been in release for 151 weeks and now has a domestic total of $209.93 million.

The New Mutants and Unhinged also got pushed down one spot each because of The War With Grandpa. The New Mutants moved down to Number 4 with $705,822, a decline of 32%, bringing its domestic total to just over $22 million. Internationally the film is at $21 million with a worldwide total of just over $43 million. Unhinged moved down to Number 5 with $682,819, a 19% decline from the previous week, taking its domestic total to $19.37 million. With its foreign total of $18 million, the film's worldwide gross stands at $37.37 million.

One new film cracked the Top Ten this week, Yellow Rose which made its debut at Number 8 on 900 screens, earning $150,330. The Wolf of Snow Hollow just missed the Top Ten, opening at Number 11 with $91,943 from 112 screens. Neither of those films cracked the $1,000 per screen average mark but I Am Lisa at Number 29 did. With an opening weekend of $6,986 from three screens, the film's average total was $2,328 per screen.

The weekend of October 16 will see two wide releases and we're willing to bet the new Liam Neeson action thriller Honest Thief easily claims the top spot. The only other wide release is the romantic drama 2 Hearts, but judging from the performance of The Broken Hearts Gallery, that one is going to struggle. Other limited releases next weekend include The Shade Shepherd, She Is the Ocean, Escape from Extinction, The Bra, The Devil Has a Name, Harry Chapin: When In Doubt, The Kid Detective and Shithouse. As things stand now with Disney finally giving in on Pixar's Soul, moving it to Disney+ on Christmas Day, and Greenland now headed straight for PVOD in the States, the only two notable releases still sticking to their December dates are Death on the Nile and Wonder Woman 1984. It will be a Christmas miracle if either of them stay put at this point.

Below are the Top Ten grosses for the weekend of October 9-11.

  1. [N] The War with Grandpa - $3,620,990 [NEW]
  2. [1] Tenet - $2,100,000 [$48,300,000]
  3. [2] Hocus Pocus - $1,161,000 [$3,086,000]
  4. [3] The New Mutants - $705,822 [$22,011,883]
  5. [4] Unhinged - $682,819 [$19,376,204]
  6. [-] Coco - $210,000 [$209,936,015]
  7. [5] Infidel - $205,602 [$3,819,991]
  8. [N] Yellow Rose - $150,330 [$170,168]
  9. [6] Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back - $145,000 [$2,403,000]
  10. [8] Possessor Uncut - $143,752 [$510,107]

Source: Box Office Mojo

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