Wednesday, September 4, 2019

BH90210 S01E04: The Table Read

 BH90210 cast may have more than one stalker
by Kim Tibbs-Krober

Everything we do in life is recorded on a camera. I think it was Jennie Garth who made a remark to that effect. Of course she was talking about herself and her fellow BH90210 cast mates who have been in the public eye since the early '90s. However, thanks to social media, it's true of just about everyone today. You no longer have to be a celebrity to be in the spotlight. We post everything about our lives - what we did, where we went, what we ate, what our kids wore on their first day of school. If you were a professional stalker, your job would be easy. We do all the work for you nowadays. All you would have to do is be well-connected.

Social media is dangerous, as the BH90210 gang learned this week. Whether it was Jennie's daughter reading the unkind comments about nepotism and her acting abilities or Brian's wife discovering someone in their household betrayed her trust by leaking one of her unfinished songs on the Internet. Did anyone else have trouble believing that Brian wouldn't conduct a thorough background check on the person he was hiring to take care of his children? In a plot twist that I'm ashamed to admit I didn't see coming, it was revealed that Zach the "stalker" was really Brian's son he never knew about, but that left the question of who's the mother? I'm curious if that will be revealed next week.

We also learned this week that everyone connected to the 90210 reboot is a control freak. Because everyone had a lot at stake, they were all ultra-concerned about how the reboot would be received by the public. When everybody was given the script to read finally, it was met with much disdain. Some were confused about whether or not the reboot was a comedy or a drama. Hmm. It seems the same could be said of the original show. Sometimes it felt as if they were taking themselves so seriously it became comical in effect. Some felt the reboot was taking the easy road, reuniting the characters in their beloved Peach Pit. Others felt like their characters weren't given anything meaningful to do. For at least one character, there were too many love scenes that might make her real-life spouse jealous. It seemed everyone had a major complaint besides Ian who apparently had an amazing monologue.

Ultimately, the cast decided to throw a collective hissy fit and try to rewrite the script to their liking. After cutting 17 scenes and writing only half a page, they realized writing wasn't as simple as it looked. Luckily, Ian was able to sweet talk the head writer into rewriting the script after making up with her for the faux pas he committed in the last episode. Everyone agreed the rewritten script captured the essence of the show and they were ready to proceed with the reboot, even putting aside their pettiness and how peeved they were when they discovered that Shannon held out for twice the salary of everyone else. Hey, if you've got that bitch card to play, might as well play it up to your advantage.

By episode's end, everything seemed to be coming together for the reboot. And then the real dumpster fire began. There was a crude message scrawled inside the fire - "Stop acting like I'm not even here." If the character of Emily Valentine wasn't already involved in the reboot, I would say fire would be her M.O. and automatically suspect her. However, since she's now a network executive in charge of the reboot's success, I don't think she has anything to do with it. My mind keeps being drawn to everyone's favorite baddie to hate on the original show - Valerie Malone. It will be fun to see if Tiffani Amber-Thiessen makes another appearance. The message seems to indicate someone who's upset about not being included in the reboot, and Valerie makes the most likely suspect. I can't see Noah or Matt or Claire having done that, but I guess you never know. In real life, David and Tiffani dated throughout the course of the show. Maybe she'll end up being the mother of David's mystery son and the stalker/firestarter. Bring on the next episode!

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