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Why Women Kill S01E03: I Killed Everyone He Did, But Backwards and in High Heels

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It takes two to tango, but three's a crowd
by Chuck Duncan

The latest episode of Why Women Kill started off with our cast of characters in a room watching a tango demonstration conducted by Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd. The dancers, of course, showed why the tango was a perfect dance for two; bring in a third and you've got nothing but trouble ... in fact, someone usually ends up dead at the end. A lesson everyone should heed as they all do their own dangerous dances.

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In 1963, Beth Ann is furthering her plan to befriend -- and destroy -- her husband's girlfriend. Neighbor Sheila isn't quite sure there is a method to Beth Ann's madness, but she comes around once Beth Ann's plan to distract Robert by cleverly preventing him from keeping a date with April (by stealing an important file from his desk at work while bringing him a casserole for dinner since he told her he had to 'work late' that night). Then she gave April her phone number ... actually Sheila's phone number as well as lying that her own name was Sheila too (so ask for 'the other Sheila' when she calls) and waited for her plan to go into action.

And it did. To perfection. Robert was very worried about the missing file, calling Beth Ann to see if she had it, and then saying he was now going to have to work late on the project ... something he'd already told Beth Ann he was doing. No sooner did that call end than the one from April came with an invitation to accompany her to a nightclub since her date stood her up. Beth Ann got a little more than she bargained for when April said she wasn't dating Robert for any long-term goals, no marriage, just fun until she got tired of him. That gave Beth Ann a glimmer of hope for her marriage but really threw a monkey-wrench into her own plans of destroying April. She's finding now that she really likes the girl and realizes all the fault lies with Robert, not April. But ... what happens when April finds out Beth Ann has been deceiving her this whole time? While she take her side or feel betrayed by this woman she currently sees as a friend?

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In 1984, Simone's life is getting more and more messy as she indulges in her catering van trysts with Tommy while trying to keep the peace at home with Karl, at least until her daughter's wedding. Making matters worse, Tommy is not happy Karl is still in the house, and Simone and Karl are expected to appear at a charity ball ... as well as performing a dance for the assembled guests. Simone is more than a bit surprised when Tommy turns up as the waiter at their table (thanks to his mother, who is also seated with them). Tommy is not very subtle in his disdain for Karl, who has no clue as to why the young man is so aggressive with him, eventually ending up with a bowl of hot soup poured in his lap. Simone was upset by Tommy's behavior and tried to have a talk with him about how she has to keep up appearances for now, including the dance with her husband. Tommy is trying to keep cool but his actions led to his immediate dismissal from the catering company which means no more van nookie for them.

In 2019, everything seems peachy for Taylor, Eli and Jade ... all except for the fact that Eli is not very focused on his writing, a subject that is very touchy now for Taylor who is exhausted from being the family's sole breadwinner. Jade can see how stressed Taylor is and suggests the pair go out for a night of dancing. Which Eli overhears and promptly invites himself, ignoring the looks of chagrin on the women's faces. At the club, Jade runs into two old friends, Willow and Mischa ... who, it becomes clear to Eli and Taylor, are more than just old friends. As Eli points out, they are not Jade's first three-way. Jade is swept up in the excitement of seeing her pals, leaving Taylor and Eli to their own devices, the jealousy in Taylor beginning to bubble up.

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Leaving the club upset, Taylor admits to Eli that she needs Jade. She's sorry she lied to him about the length of time she's been with Jade but she needs her to help balance her out. She loves Eli, but the pressure of work and paying for a house they can't afford is taking a toll on her and Jade is the only reason she hasn't completely bugged out on Eli. But Jade's friends -- a pair of pretentious social media 'influencers' who get paid to model underwear on Instagram -- are heading to Venice the next morning and want Jade to go with them. And seeing Taylor's behavior at the club, Jade is considering it.

Finally arriving home hours later, and with Taylor asleep on the couch waiting for her, Jade tells Taylor that she is going to Venice. Her main reason is she can't handle the stability of being in a 'family' because every time she's done that she's gotten hurt emotionally. For her, it's best to cut things off with Taylor now before she gets in deeper. But Eli heard the conversation and, even though he was hurt by the things Taylor said to him, knew that if he was going to keep his wife, he had to convince Jade that she was wanted and loved and that Taylor -- and Eli -- needed her. It was a lovely gesture, and Jade actually felt the sincerity of his words, and she decided to stay as they all shared a group hug.

But outside, Maks and Peta were dancing down the street reminding us that it does take two to tango ... but three is most definitely a crowd.

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