Wednesday, June 17, 2020

DC's Stargirl S01E03: Icicle

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Courtney uncovers new dangers as a tragedy changes everything.
by Marcos Rivas aka @thesunsetkid56

After an action-packed start, Stargirl brings us a more character-driven storyline as various members of the Injustice Society are shown so we get more character development. It gives us a bit more clarity on Project America.

We start with a flashback to Blue Valley, eight years ago. Jordan’s wife Kristie is on her death bed and makes him promise to put the country first. “If anyone tries to stop you, destroy them,” she whispers, before passing away before him. Flash-forward, the victory over Brainwave has Courtney on Cloud 9, only for Pat to convince her that more danger is to come. At school though, things are crazier than usual following the sign being blown to bits the previous night. William’s son Joey arrives to do card tricks for Courtney but despite him choosing the wrong card, she plays along and lets him revel in the applause that follows.

Jordan arrives at the hospital and calls William, eventually meeting and discussing Brainwave’s plans and how he was never a team player. Jordan decides to deal with Stargirl himself, starting with arriving at the office where Barbara happens to be working and settling in to oversee the project. It's here he learns that Courtney is Barbara’s daughter. Understanding what this means, Stargirl and ST.R.I.P.E. both work together to confront Icicle. The battle ensues and we see Pat immobilized. Pat manages to free himself just enough to save a school bus from certain doom. This is where the episode gets dark. While the fight is happening, we cut to Joey just as he fails to see a rushing car coming his way. Joey gets hit by the car which brings the fight to an abrupt close.

© DC Universe
In the wake of this turmoil, William is overcome by grief while Courtney and Pat talk together about the different heroes that are now gone, including Easter Eggs like Wildcat and Flash. Courtney decides to try and recruit new faces to fill the boots of who’s come before and sets to work doing just that.

William full of anger and grief confronts Jordan, threatening him the process, which leads to Jordan freezing him to death, leaving behind a widow and grieving parent. Cameron returns home and it's here we learn he’s actually Jordan’s son, making his friendship with Courtney more intriguing than ever. Project: New America continues to move forward while Courtney decides she can’t do it alone. She ends the episode with “Let’s do some recruiting,”

This week’s entry into Stargirl’s world was filled with more character development and a change of pace. DC Universe and The CW delivered what is said to be the darkest episode of the season. It hits on all marks. Stargirl continues to be a shining star for both the DC Universe and The CW.

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