Wednesday, June 17, 2020

DC's Stargirl S01E04: Wildcat

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Courtney recruits a new member to her new JSA
by Marcos Rivas aka @thesunsetkid56

Stargirl is a cheesier, light-hearted show that stands out in the sea of superhero content, however it doesn’t discount the fact they handled a current and relevant subject for today’s youth. Some will say it’s tricky to handle a strong subject like “slut-shaming”, but I think it was handled beautifully. We ultimately got a story filled with girl power and sisterly support.

The episode focuses on Yolanda Montez and the issues she's been going through in her own life. Once a bright, promising student, a simple picture that was stolen and then used to shame her has turned her life upside-down and made her a shameful outcast even in her own family. It's sad and shocking to see just how her life has changed, living with a family that is nowhere near ready to forgive her for bringing shame to them in the small town. What I didn’t get is where are the adults? This was more than slut shaming, it was more like revenge porn.

© DC Universe
Nonetheless, it's Yolanda that Courtney Whitmore chooses to make the first member of the new Justice Society. In a twist from the comics, all one needs to become the new Wildcat is to wear the old Wildcat's cowl. It' shows just how much Stargirl cares about expanding its world by introducing characters weekly instead of overreaching arcs. Though it takes some convincing, Wildcat and Stargirl finally become a superhero duo. They instantly bond both as friends and as superheroes with their very first mission at the hospital as they learn new information about Brainwave. There's also a lot of heart in this episode. Yolanda's confrontation with her family as she rids herself of her own shame is a moving scene.

Stargirl deviates from The CW model of showcasing moody, dramatic teenagers, instead letting them be genuinely flawed and awkward and hopeful. The series has shown that it's willing to tackle important problems facing teenagers today and having them come out stronger for confronting it.

Although it feels like we are a whiles away from getting a full blown JSA, Stargirl shines every week. Let’s hope it continues being a breath of fresh air.

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