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Box Office Report :: September 25•27

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Three new movies managed to crack the Top 10 this weekend, but their performances were really nothing to write home about considering the performances of the bigger titles still on the charts. The real news comes from three re-releases. But we'll get to those in a minute.

The big news is still Warner Bros' Tenet, which continues its decline in the US -- even though it's still Number 1 for the fourth week, and it may be able to hold on to that spot simply by default as studios, particularly Disney, continue to shift the Fall and 'awards season' movies to next year. As it stands now, there are no major releases coming until November 20 when No Time To Die and Pixar's Soul are scheduled ... for now, because anything can change in a sea of uncertainty that is the coronavirus pandemic especially as the temperatures begin to drop across much of North America. They said the heat would kill it and it continued unabated, and as temperatures drop, some areas of the world are experiencing increases in infections prompting the concern for a return to lockdowns. So we're not holding our breath for that Bond movie just yet. Disney is still banking on December though, moving Death on the Nile from its previous October date. Disney is, however, sticking with the October 23 date for its horror film The Empty Man. We'll see if any of that holds.

Back to Tenet, the film experienced a 28% drop from the previous week, earning an estimated $3.4 million, bringing the domestic total to $41.2 million. Overseas, the film is performing extremely well, perhaps because those governments and populations have taken things a bit more seriously than we have here. Playing in 58 markets, the film's top two territories are China, with a weekend gross of $3 million, and Japan coming in at $1.6 million, bringing the cumulative international total to $242 million with a worldwide gross now at $283.2 million. With a budget in the neighborhood of $205 million, the film still has a long, long way to go to turn a profit.

In second place, again, was The New Mutants which brought in $1.17 million, down 36% from last weekend. That brings the film's domestic total to $19.48 million. Overseas, the gross has matched that of the US with a cumulative total of $19.4 million, giving the film a global tally of $38.88 million.

In its second week, Infidel added 161 screens but still experienced a big 45% decrease at the box office, dropping two spots to Number 5 with $761,136. That helped lift Unhinged up one spot to Number 3, even with a 24.5% decline and a loss of 142 screens, with $967,903. Also not working in Inifdel's favor was the surprise appearance of The Empire Strikes Back, which has been playing drive-in engagements for several weeks now and is celebrating its 40th anniversary, at the Number 4 spot with an estimated $908,000. Meanwhile, The Broken Hearts Gallery saw a 37.5% decline and slipped one spot to Number 6 with $501,197.

Speaking of re-releases, in the wake of the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, two films about the icon were re-released in her honor. On the Basis of Sex returned to 829 screens and brought in $56,210 which was good for Number 14. At number 18, the documentary RBG returned to 878 screens and earned an estimated $34,000.

The three new releases took the 7-8-9 spots this weekend pushing Words on Bathroom Walls, Bill & Ted Face the Music and The Personal History of David Copperfield out of the Top Ten. At Number 7, Shortcut debuted with $305,000. At Number 8, The Last Shift earned $246,491 and at Number 10, Kajillionaire made a smaller splash with $215,675.

The weekend of October 2 will see a handful of limited releases including A Call to Spy, Possessor Uncut, Save Yourselves! (which looks fun from the trailer), Tar, The Keeper and Heaven, so we'll expect at least the Top Three films to remain in place.

Below are the Top Ten grosses for the weekend of September 25-27.

  1. [1] Tenet - $3,400,000 [$41,200,000]
  2. [2] The New Mutants - $1,172,088 [$19,484,246]
  3. [4] Unhinged - $967,903 [$17,157,450]
  4. [-] Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back - $908,000 [$1,923,000]
  5. [3] Infidel - $761,136 [$2,690,735]
  6. [5] The Broken Hearts Gallery - $501,197 [$3,269,620]
  7. [N] Shortcut - $305,000 [NEW]
  8. [N] The Last Shift - $246,491 [NEW]
  9. [N] Kajillionaire - $215,675 [NEW]
  10. [6] The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run - $142,355 [$4,435,735]

Source: Box Office Mojo


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